NewsWorldUK's Sunak says judge me on my record, not my wealth

UK’s Sunak says judge me on my record, not my wealth

Rishi Sunak, a leading candidate to replace Boris Johnson as Britain’s prime minister, dismissed suggestions on Thursday that he was too rich to run the country during an economic downturn, saying he had the experience to take on tough challenges.

Sunak, the former finance minister whose resignation last week helped to trigger the fall of Johnson’s government, said he did not judge people by their bank accounts, he judged them by their character and hoped others would do the same.

Asked if he understood the financial pressures in the country, he told BBC Radio: “When the pandemic hit, I understood full well the impact it could have on millions of people up and down the country.”

Sunak also said his first economic priority if he becomes prime minister will be tackling inflation, not the tax cuts pledged by some of his rivals in the race to replace Boris Johnson.

“I think our number one economic priority is to tackle inflation and not make it worse,” Sunak said.

“I will get taxes down in this parliament but I’m going to do so responsibly, because I don’t cut taxes to win elections, I win elections to cut taxes,” he added.

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