NewsWorldSwedish parliament confirms Moderate Party leader as new prime minister

Swedish parliament confirms Moderate Party leader as new prime minister

Sweden’s parliament confirmed Moderate Party leader Ulf Kristersson as prime minister on Monday as head of a three-party minority coalition with support from the anti-immigration Sweden Democrats.

The Moderate, Christian Democrat and Liberal party coalition plans to cut taxes, cap benefits, tighten immigration rules and give police more powers as part of a policy deal with the Sweden Democrats, which is now the biggest party on the right after September’s election.

Until 2018, no party would have anything to do with the Sweden Democrats. But their message that decades of over-generous immigration policies are behind a surge in shooting and gang crime has struck a chord with voters.

Successive governments have toughened immigration rules over the last decade, but the new coalition will move even further to the right.

Asylum status will be temporary and the government plans to make it harder for new immigrants to get benefits. There will also be a review of inducements for voluntary repatriation “with a particular focus on those who have not integrated”.

On crime, police will be able to take tougher measures against criminal gangs and sentences for gang crimes will be longer.


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