NewsWorldRoyal guard collapses and falls off Queen’s coffin podium (video)

Royal guard collapses and falls off Queen’s coffin podium (video)

A royal guard dramatically collapsed in front of crowds of mourners while he was watching over the Queen’s coffin at Westminster Hall overnight.

BBC interrupted its live streaming of the Queen’s lying in state, as officials rushed to the guard’s aid.

Footage from the live broadcast shows that the incident took place around 1am on Thursday.

A stretcher was brought out, but the guard managed to stand up by himself.

However, moments later he collapsed again and was escorted away by staff.

Soldiers in ceremonial uniform are maintaining a constant, 24-hour vigil around the Queen’s coffin while she is lying in state.

The guards are required to remain completely still.

While the soldiers rotate every 20 minutes, the hours of remaining completely still while standing are six hours in length.


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