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Research vessel Oruc Reis re-enters Greek waters

The Turkish research ship Oruc Reis with its two auxiliary vessels Ataman and Cengiz Han accompanied by a naval force of Turkish warships is moving west again towards the Greek continental shelf.

On Wednesday afternoon at 19:00 Oruc Reis exited the Greek continental shelf and entered the Turkish continental shelf as reported in CNA.

At dawn, on Thursday, it re-entered the Greek continental shelf after first entering the Cypriot Exclusive Economic Zone and moving southwest between it and the Cypriot EEZ continuing to sail around in the region where Turkey said it would be conducting seismic surveys not in the Greek continental shelf but in international waters.

The Greek Ministry of National Defence is certain that the Oruc Reis does not have the ability to conduct seismic surveys.

The Oruc Reis is showed to be accompanied by five warships in formation of a cable at sea in all of the photos released by the Turks.

Officials in Athens argue that the proximity to other Turkish warships in combination with the noise created by the simultaneous operation of the main engines by so many vessels does not allow the Turkish ship to carry out seismic surveys.

The Greek navy and armed forces remain vigilant.

(Source: CNA/

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