NewsWorldPups take a walk in the UAE's first indoor dog gym

Pups take a walk in the UAE’s first indoor dog gym

Running on two treadmills side by side, dogs were brought by their owners to the UAE’s first of its kind gym to help improve their fitness and health.

As the number of dog-owners increases in the UAE, more people are struggling to keep their pets entertained during the hot summer days, which gave Mansour Hamadi the idea to open the indoor dog-gym.

Dog-owners from all around the UAE bring their pets to Hamadi’s gym in Abu Dhabi, where their animals run on the treadmills specifically designed for dogs.

“The idea was to provide a healthy gym for all kinds of dogs… My struggle was during the summer time – finding a good environment to exercise the dogs,” said Mansour, owner of Posh Pets Boutique & Spa.

Following assigned safety measures, canines wear a harness that is fastened to a spring system and run on a mechanical treadmill at their own speed for 15 minutes. On each visit, the dog’s workout time is gradually increased to ensure its muscles can properly adjust to using the machine at longer intervals.

“My friends told me about this very nice place, where my dog can have a nice activity without being hit by the sun, without having any distractions, just a place especially for dogs,” said customer at Posh Pets, Hani Jaafar.

Providing a safe and positive space, Hamadi keeps both the dogs and their owners happy as they look forward to come back for each session.

“(The dog) gets so excited, the minute he leaves the car, he recognizes the place and starts going towards it, he feels comfortable here,” expressed customer at Posh Pets, Mohammed Hamid Bilbeisi.

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