NewsWorldJoe Biden’s position on Greek-Americans, Cyprus

Joe Biden’s position on Greek-Americans, Cyprus

In a statement entitled “Joe Biden’s vision for Greek Americans and US-Greece Relations”, the Campaign of the Democratic presidential candidate reveals his positions on US –Greece relations, Cyprus and the Ecumenical Patriarchate.

Among the many things included in the statement and regarding the things Biden will do as a president, the announcement noted the following:

  • Joe Biden will work with our close ally Greece to advance stability in the eastern Mediterranean.
  • Unlike President Trump, Joe will call out Turkish behavior that is in violation of international law or that contravenes its commitments as a NATO ally, such as Turkish violations of Greek airspace.
  • Joe will work diplomatically to bring a resolution to the Cyprus question.
  • Joe will continue to be a strong voice for religious freedom globally, including the rights of the Greek Orthodox Church.


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