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Public servants with poor evaluation won’t be eligible for promotion

Proposed public service reforms in Cyprus provide that those evaluated poorly for three years in a row won’t be eligible for promotion. Evaluation will be from one to 10.

Those public servants getting a score below five for three consecutive years will be classified as non-eligible for promotion. Because, even though they do meet the criteria, they still need guidance to carry out their duties, according to the proposed reform package sent to parliament yesterday.

It also provides that all civil servants will be evaluated every six months and on an annual basis for purposes of becoming a permanent employee or for promotion. Evaluation aims to help develop the capacity of civil servants, improve their performance and rationalise the administration of the public service.

If the proposed bill and regulations are adopted, civil servants will have their first evaluation between January-March 2021 on their performance in 2020.

According to the new legislative evaluation framework, staff will be divided into two hierarchical levels with different evaluation criteria.  In addition, they will have a detailed evaluation framework on skills/competencies and work attitude.

Hierarchical level 1 concerns management and mid-management staff, including posts with A13 (ii) salary scales and above, for which the scoring will be descriptive. Evaluations will be for staff development purposes only and not taken into account for promotions.

Hierarchical level 2 concerns staff at admission level as well as those with supervisory duties. The score will be numerical and taken into account for development purposes as well as for promotions.

Annual reports will be prepared between January 1 and March 31 and refer to the previous year. Annual reports for teachers will be prepared between September 1 and November 30.


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