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Invest Cyprus tender call for services to audiovisual industry

Invest Cyprus has called for tenders for accounting, auditing and bookkeeping services to the island’s fledgling audiovisual industry.

The contract concerns the provision of consultancy services on accounting, financial and legal issues of audiovisual productions already submitted or to be submitted under the island’s Audiovisual Film Promotion Scheme.

Five film productions are in the pipeline for 2020, according to the open competition’s provided information.

Two films have already been shot in Cyprus – “Jiu Jitsu” with Oscar-winning Nicholas Cage and “SOS – Survive or Sacrifice” with another famous actor, William Baldwin.  And rumours have it that shooting in Cyprus of a third film with a cast of high-profile Hollywood actors is imminent.

The tender call is for five productions for which license for shooting will be granted after they become eligible for the incentives package offered by the Cyprus government.

But the question now is how the coronavirus spread will affect the film production industry, Phileleftheros reports.

As for the services requested, these include the study and evaluation of costs, preparation of written reports to be submitted before the Audiovisual Project Evaluation Committee and the provision of legal advice and views on relevant matters.

The €148,000 (excluding VAT) estimated value of the contract is expected to be financed entirely from national resources, that is from the budget.

Entries will be submitted through the eProcurement Electronic System ( and the deadline is April 6, 2020.

The results and date of the contract signing are expected to take place two months after the submission of tenders.


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