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Construction and restaurants high risk professions

Some workers belong to the high-risk groups meaning they are more eligible to suffer an accident at work and during 2020 the greater risk appeared in the sector of construction with 21.55% and then the sector of restaurants with 18.73%.

According to information, during 2020 there have been 13 fatal accidents to employees during work, to one person outside work, as well as to one person during his way to or from work.

According to information from the Department of Labor Inspection, four fatal accidents occurred in the sector of construction, one in the sector of civil engineers, four in the sector of specialized construction activities, one in wholesale trade, one in retail trade, one in the sector of storing and one in the sector of restaurants.

Most of the causes of these accidents are falling from a height, crushing under a forklift, crushing under metal objects, traffic accidents and so forth.

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