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Specialised personnel recruited by banks

After years of shrinking of personnel numbers, leading banks in Cyprus seem to be on a recruitment path with specialists in information technology, new applications and digital banking high on demand. Digital banking appears to be the biggest challenge for the island’s banks, anyway.

Vacancies published on Hellenic Bank’s website indicate that today’s needs are different from those back in 2015 when lenders mainly hired specialists with experience in the management of red loans. Especially after restructuring of big non-performing loans kick-started.

Tomorrow is the deadline for Hellenic Bank’s recruitment of an Analyst/Programmer for the Systems Integration team of the Information Technology Department. At the same time, the deadline for submission of applications for a UI/UX Designer position is July 22.  Among other tasks, the new recruit will design data graphics and users’ navigation systems aiming to provide the best possible online experience. There is also an opening now for an Android software  developer. July 18 is the deadline for this position.

This recruit will join the bank’s systems integration team focusing on building and developing a strong, expanding software for the efficient use of Android app. In the meantime, the deadline for applications for a Quality Assurance (QA) Tester expired yesterday. And the deadline for an IT Governance Specialist expired last week.

It is obvious that banks now are seeking to recruit specialised personnel for departments that were unknown or of no top priority a few years back. On the other hand, banks in Cyprus need to reduce operation and labour costs. Supervisors both within and outside the country ring bells, calling on commercial banks to take urgent action since this category of costs is the second biggest challenge the banking sector is currently confronted with. The first challenge is the very high number of non-performing loans.

By Theano Theopoulou


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