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Shipping Deputy Ministry in touch with British companies in view of Brexit, Pilides says

Shipping Deputy Minister Natasa Pilides has said that the ministry is in continuously in touch with British companies it cooperates with in view of the possibility of a disorderly Brexit.

In statements, after a meeting with leader of the Social Democratic Edek Marinos Sizopoulos, Pilides acknowledged replying to a question on Brexit that there is uncertainty, adding that “therefore we are continuously in touch so that we can make sure that they will be ready in case of a disorderly Brexit and will have taken all (necessary) measures in order not to suffer any damage.”

Referring to the meeting she had with Sizopoulos she said they discussed various matters related to the work of the deputy ministry, noting that that all recommendations which were a result of our discussion will be made the most of to the benefit of Cypriot shipping, the promotion of the Cypriot registry and the Cypriot shipping hub in general.

Pilides said that she has been informing all political parties on developments in the shipping sector and wishes to have a constructive cooperation with them having as a goal sector’s growth.

(Cyprus News Agency)

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