InsiderBusinessMelco and Cyprus Casinos C2 celebrate World Tourism Day

Melco and Cyprus Casinos C2 celebrate World Tourism Day

Melco aims to help enhance Cyprus’ tourism sector and take on the role as one of the key drivers of economic growth, the company said on the occasion of World Tourism which is celebrated on September 27  in an effort to raise awareness of the importance of tourism and its contribution to society by following the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Melco said its goals are aligned with this year’s WTD theme, “Tourism and Jobs: A Better Future For All”.

Since it commenced operations in Cyprus, the Group has provided quality job and career opportunities to Cypriot and other EU citizens through Cyprus Casinos (C2) and the City of Dreams Mediterranean Integrated Casino Resort (ICR).

Melco firmly believes that tourism not only creates new job opportunities but also is the driving force for national and global economic growth.

In Cyprus, the Group successfully operates three satellite casinos in Larnaca, Nicosia and Ayia Napa as well as the temporary casino, C2 Limassol, employing more than 700 people in various positions.

Collectively with its partners for the operation of the restaurants and the provision of other services, Melco currently employs more than 950 people and with the upcoming launch of C2 Paphos, an even greater number of job opportunities will be created.

It is worth noting that with the expected opening of the City of Dreams ICR at the end of 2021, it will offer 2,400 permanent jobs and thereby establish Melco as one of the biggest employers on the island.

Craig Ballantyne, Property President of City of Dreams Mediterranean and Cyprus Casinos “C2”, said: “We are celebrating World Tourism Day since tourism is a vital part of our business. With the opening of the Integrated Casino Resort, we aim to attract high value customers from all over the world.

“This ground-breaking project is expected to attract an additional 300,000 tourists on an annual basis thus, having a multiplying effect on the local economy. Furthermore, we focus on providing quality jobs and in parallel educate potential personnel through our academy, creating opportunities for career advancement within Melco and even the global entertainment industry.

“Also, we believe that the casino, as an alternative form of tourism, will assist in expanding the island’s tourism period thus fighting seasonality and establishing Cyprus as an all-year destination,” he said.

Ballantyne also stated that Melco has chosen to build City of Dreams Mediterranean, the first ICR in Europe, in Cyprus due to the island’s strategic location and potential of becoming a must-visit tourism and entertainment destination.

The location of the temporary casino C2 Limassol, as well as the satellite casinos, have been strategically chosen within tourist areas and in close proximity to facilities such as ports and marinas, in order to better satisfy the travellers’ needs.

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