InsiderBusinessFifteen leisure boats seized over the past six years

Fifteen leisure boats seized over the past six years

A total of 15 leisure boats at state marinas in Cyprus have been seized over the past six years after their owners failed to pay berthing fees, according to latest data by the Deputy Ministry of Tourism.

The Deputy Ministry has clarified, however, that repossession is the last measure it takes when boat owners fail to meet their financial obligations. Specifically, under the Mediterranean island’s Law οn Marinas, a leisure boat is seized only when the captain or owner either refuses or delays to pay berthing fees.

Specifically, five leisure boats were seized in 2013, another seven in 2014, and two in 2017. No leisure boat was seized in 2015, 2016 and 2018. As for the current year, only one leisure boat has been seized so far.

The Deputy Ministry also clarified that it only goes ahead with the seizure of a boat when it is made absolutely  clear that the owner is deprived of any possibility of paying due fees. And that a very transparent and precise procedure follows the foreclosure act and subsequent sale of the boat.

The first step after a boat is seized is to inform the public of the exact auction date through a posting on the bulletin board of the marina it is berthed at. The sale date has to be also published in two daily newspapers. The Deputy Ministry is not responsible for leisure boats berthed at private marinas.

Larnaca Marina has berthing space for 450 yachts of various sizes. The fees vary depending on the length of stay and the boat’s size. Limassol Marina has berthing space for 650 boats of various sizes, while the private marina of St. Raphael, on the outskirts of the town, can accommodate 237 leisure boats.


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