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Experience the future of law, Today-H a d j i a n a s t a s s i o u , I o a n n i d e s L L C

H a d j i a n a s t a s s i o u , I o a n n i d e s L L C | m e m b e r o f t h e D e l o i t t e L e g a l n e t w o r k

Our Legal Management Consulting (LMC) service line is our response to the demands of modern in-house counsels, developed by lawyers for lawyers.

Τhe COVID-19 pandemic has, in many ways, revealed the organic change to the role of lawyers in globalised markets. The truth is no one saw it coming, at least not to this extent. Local law firms are now required to adapt the way they provide their services by introducing more robust work-fromhome policies, while ensuring that they maintain high quality standards in their deliverables.

Clients continue to have the same demands, if not more. High quality, efficiency and time-effectiveness in the delivery of services has always been at the core of legal services. With competition being the only constant in this equation, it is essential that we, as lawyers, reinvent the defining factors of our firms’ resilience.

It is now time to reinvent the values we represent and adapt them to the demands and necessities of the modern era; a time characterised by the effects of the pandemic, remote work, online meetings, video-calls and innovative means of networking.


Inevitably, the values we represent will define our evolution. At Hadjianastassiou, Ioannides LLC, flexibility in the way we provide our services has always been an integral part of our delivery. With best practices across our global Deloitte Legal network, we have introduced technological tools and stayed apprised of emerging legal technologies so that we can deliver maximum value to our clients.

The challenges posed on the markets due to COVID-19 allowed us to capitalise on the benefits of how our relationship with our clients evolved from a client-advisor to a client- business partner one. The evolution of the role of our clients’ in-house advisors demanded a more practical approach in handling everyday matters, with legal technology at the forefront in order to:

standardise templates to ensure the needs of the business can be met in a timely manner that minimises risk

automate first-draft requests that allow the documentation process to begin quickly

manage escalations approvals and negotiations to allow stakeholders to have visibility into where a contract is in the documentation lifecycle and ensure appropriate safeguards are in place

augment technology with contract-document advisors to ensure that the system is implemented quickly and additional support is available, allowing for an immediate boost in cycle times consolidate all contracts in a centralised repository, helping clients access key documentation quickly and efficiently, while driving insights that are easy to digest to unlock additional value

Our Legal Management Consulting (LMC) service line is our response to the demands of modern inhouse counsels, developed by lawyers for lawyers. Our aim is to support our clients in transforming their operations, helping them identify their legal strategy through the optimisation of their objectives, achieving high quality and eliminating low value tasks. LMC services is the epitome of the interaction in the relationship of in-house lawyers and external legal advisors. We provide (i) entity management tools as single sources of information on a business’ structure, (ii) matter management and global risk and compliance tools as a means to keeping up to date with constant changes in compliance and regulatory matters and (iii) contract management tools for automating contract preparation and execution.

Our contract automation tool allows for the creation and management of contract templates and the easy generation of draft agreements. This eliminates the hassle of finding and populating suitable templates, allowing the in-house lawyers to focus on the productive aspect of a task.

The same applies to our e-signature tools that eliminate the hassle of exchanging originals, save time and are eco-friendly. Likewise, the e-discovery tools that facilitate due diligence exercises and document disclosures in litigation or data analysis.

Importantly, all of the above can be achieved from an office-less environment where data and tools are accessed at anytime from anywhere with secure cloud services. During these unprecedented times, where businesses all over the world fight to remain relevant, it is important that associates and employees accede to business partners that add value to their businesses. There is no better time to set the foundations of a lifelong partnership and a resilient future than today!

Who we are

Established in 2003,Hadjianastassiou, Ioannides LLC is the sole member of the Deloitte Legal network in Cyprus. The firm is led by Gaston Hadjianastassiou (Commercial Law/ Employment Law and Benefits), Kypros Ioannides (Corporate, Mergers & Acquisitions), Andreas Thoma (Corporate, Mergers & Acquisitions) and Calliopi Nicolaidou (Commercial Law, Regulatory & Compliance). Together with our team of legal professionals, we are a single point of contact for clients’ legal needs. Solution-driven and in tune with local and global business demands, we work with clients to develop personalised solutions, adding value to their business through dedicated service lines.

Aspiring to become a pioneer in legal technology solutions, the firm combines the quality, expertise and personalised client attention expected from a reputable law firm, with legal technology tools that minimise costs, free up resources and proactively contribute to each client’s strategy and growth.

Contact details:

11, Michail Paridi Street, 1095 Nicosia, Cyprus, Tel: (+357) 22818280

Email: [email protected],


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