InsiderBusinessConstantinos Loizides is Astrobank’s new CEO

Constantinos Loizides is Astrobank’s new CEO

Astrobank’s management pyramid has undergone significant changes over the recent days with Constantinos Loizides who first returned to the bank’s executive team as chairman now also undertaking the CEO position.

Former CEO George Appios will now serve as executive director and deputy chief executive officer, Marios Savvides as executive director and Neoclis Neocleous as General Manager.

Andreas Theodorides, formerly CEO of USB bank which has been absorbed by Astrobank, is the new addition to the pyramid’s top. He is now executive director of the newly set-up internal red loan management unit.

Loizides was Chairman and Managing Director of Piraeus Bank (Cyprus) Ltd and former Chief Executive Officer of Piraeus Bank, Egypt. In September 2011, he was also appointed member of Piraeus Bank Group Executive Committee and as Head of Corporate Development of the Group.

The changes come at a time when Astrobank is in the process of incorporating USB Bank, which it has recently taken over, but also amidst consultations on the possible acquisition of the National Bank of Greece in Cyprus.


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