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Amavi, Cyprus’ first couples-only hotel opens its doors

Kanika Hotels & Resorts, one of Cyprus’ leading hotel groups, has added a new gem to its prized collection: the luxurious 5-star Amavi.

Carving out novel territory as the first custom designed couples-only hotel on the island, the idyllic Amavi stands proud as the flagship of Kanika’s Made for TwoTM brand. As such, it heralds a brand-new era for holidaymakers seeking intimate moments of togetherness and a tranquil escape from the outside world.

The Amavi welcomed its first guests on Sunday, March 24 with General Manager Gianluca Cugnetto and members of his team personally greeting their first guests, with a beautiful bouquet, champagne and refreshments.

Commanding a prime beachside location in the well-known coastal resort of Paphos, the newfound paradise promises holiday perfection for couples; the ultimate getaway for those in love, with the hotel’s name itself is aptly rooted in the Latin ‘Veni, Vidi, Amavi,’ meaning ‘I came, I saw, I loved.’

Guests from around the world are now being welcomed to enjoy unobstructed enchanting sea and sunset views from the hotel’s elegantly-appointed rooms and suites, while signature couples-only amenities, state-of-the-art technology and personalised services seamlessly entwine to create a relaxed and personal atmosphere where every day becomes a honeymoon, the hotel said.

“The Amavi has been custom-designed to ensure that guests completely relax, recharge and reconnect,” said the general manager. ‘We provide for their every need, to guarantee that every couple enjoys the precious luxury of their time together in the most tranquil haven, where togetherness and comfort comes first.”

Every inch of the certified eco-label hotel has been meticulously designed to ensure romantic holidays are as exceptional as possible, right beside the golden sands of an awarded Blue Flag beach. The hotel’s lush landscaped gardens boast an infinity pool merging with the deep blue of the Med, as well as a more secluded oasis designed to energise the senses with whirlpools and back massages.

Ensuring ultimate relaxation and recuperation, Amavi’s Evera Spa provides a luxurious collection of side-by-side signature treatments in collaboration with the renowned UK-based Natural Spa Factory. An indoor pool and fitness centre add to the overwhelming sense of wellness and rejuvenation.

Evenings at the Amavi are all about reconnecting in fine intimate style, with the hotel’s half board premium gastronomy providing an all-encompassing drink and world class dine-around experience at four signature restaurants, ensuring every meal is a memorable treat for two. Al fresco candlelit conversation and glorious sunsets from breath-taking rooftops and outdoor areas are complemented by gourmet meals, bearing the hallmark of world-renowned Michelin-starred chef, Theodor Falser, delighting even the most discerning palate. The gastronomic experience is perfectly enhanced by live soul-soothing evening entertainment.

While the translucent waters of the Paphos seas paint an unforgettable picture at the Amavi doorstep, the nearby UNESCO World Heritage Paphos castle beckons; a stunning medieval site forming a magical backdrop to the Amavi experience. The adjacent picturesque Paphos harbour adds to the romance, an ideal setting for couples looking for a relaxing and authentically local tête-à-tête experience just a short walk away from the Amavi grounds.

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