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WIP – Brave New Humanity: Arts and Technology Festival in Nicosia on November 11-23

The CYENS Centre of Excellence presents WIP – Brave New Humanity / Arts and Technology Festival on November 11-23. The WIP (Work in Progress) festival is an ever-evolving series of activities and exhibitions focused on arts & technology synergies. The festival hosts over 80 experiences and presents media artworks, performances, research projects, talks, workshops, screenings, and interactive games from invited local and visiting artists, universities, organizations, and CYENS.

In an era of exponential technological developments creatives, scientists, and innovators are zealously rethinking natural and artificial resources by embracing emerging technologies. The WIP Festival looks at this Brave New Humanity that explores how our sensorial, analogue selves fabricate new civilizations and augmented worlds that are simultaneously close and far from the “natural”, as D. Norman argues in “The Invisible Computer” (1998).

The emerging conceptual clusters – Raw, Mechanos, Transience and Play – include projects that act as critical commentaries, inquiries, and aestheticisms on the shifting environmental and human conditions.

Organized by CYENS’ Thinker Maker Space, the ITICA Research Group & the Museum Lab Research Group, together with esteemed collaborators, the festival is breaking new ground in the east Mediterranean, aiming to become an annual reference point for scientists and creatives experimenting at the intersection of Arts, Science and Technology.
All activities will take place at CYENS’ premises and other venues in the proximity of the centre between the 11th of and 23rd of November 2022.
For more information and the full schedule please follow the link


Event by CYENS – Thinker Maker Space and CYENS Centre of Excellence

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