EUEducationThe Junior & Senior School: Inspiring young people to think and care

The Junior & Senior School: Inspiring young people to think and care

The school offers education based on the English National Curriculum for children from 2 to 19 years old. It has a long history of excellence, celebrating this year 75 years of providing quality education.

With a primary school that has been respected for many years and has a waiting list for children aiming to join and a secondary school which has this year completed all available student places, the Junior & Senior School goes from strength to strength with considerable growth and steadily rising examination results.

It has become a school of choice for both the local Greek Cypriot community but also for other nationalities and an increasing number of embassy and UN staff children.

Outlined below are the top 10 reasons why more and more parents are choosing the school to educate their children.

  1. It is an all through school with a continuum of education from early years through to the sixth form for children aged 2-19. Over 800 children attend the long-established Junior School and more than 500 the rapidly expanding Senior School, which can also be joined by students from Greek and other primary schools in Year 7 (equivalent to the first year gymnasium). Having the same ethos throughout and the Principal’s oversight across the two sites of the school provides a unique opportunity to acquire a British National Curriculum education in a supportive and encouraging atmosphere. Graduates leave with IGCSEs and A levels as well as a Cyprus Ministry of Education acknowledged secondary school leaving certificate (Apolyterion) consisting of internal assessments, enhancing the qualification package offered.
  1. The school has high academic standards and its external results show evidence of very positive added value and regular success in external examinations. We pride ourselves on student progress and regularly monitor student achievement, intervening where necessary to promote academic achievement. Such high achievement allows our students to regularly access prestigious universities in the UK and elsewhere in the world including the USA, the Netherlands and elsewhere in Europe.
  1. The school’s Principal is Deborah Duncan with many years of experience in the education sector in the UK and Cyprus and she is also a UK and international school inspector. This is her fourth role as Principal or Headteacher in schools in Cyprus and the UK. The school also benefits from a Headteacher on each site and a highly experienced management team.
  1. The school is a truly multilingual and multicultural environment, welcoming children from Cyprus, Greece, UK, USA, Russia, France, China, etc. This diverse population enables students on a daily basis and in an organic way to develop an understanding of different perspectives and different backgrounds. Bringing diverse students together fosters critical thinkingand problem-solving skills, creativity and tolerance, and provides a broader understanding of real-life demands, opening their minds to deeper insights.
  1. The school is part of the elite group of worldwide Microsoft Showcase Schools using digital technology to enhance and support learning, focusing on leading and learning, transforming education and integrating technology into the classrooms. Children benefit from the programme’s valuable insights and ideas and the staff has developed innovative teaching practices that apply locally the most recent trends in global education. As a PGCE training school since 2018 in collaboration with the University of Sussex we are committed to training our teachers to the highest standards in modern pedagogy.
  1. Educating international and Cypriot children since 1944, the school is highly accredited by the Independent Schools Inspectorate. Regular inspections are scheduled and members of staff, the management of the school, as well as its governors undergo regular training to ensure clarity of strategy and goals and efficient monitoring and addressing of current and future educational needs. Inspected in October 2016 by an International inspectorate (ISI) the school achieved high levels of praise for its work and a recent inspection at the end of 2019 also saw the school being found compliant and successful in all areas judged.
  1. The school offers top-class facilities in two sites, operating in beautiful grounds with modern, state of the art facilities fit for 21st century learning, including sports grounds, swimming pools, well-equipped classrooms and science laboratories, drama and music studios and recreational areas.
  1. The school creates a safe and inclusive community for children to flourish and glow. It has created an environment in which every student is supported to achieve the highest levels of success; students with learning difficulties and students who are new to the English language are supported and students with outstanding attainment are challenged and encouraged by experienced teachers to achieve their full potential. All students are asked to work systematically and cheerfully, supported by superb teaching and an excellent pastoral system. Every child’s educational journey is monitored individually and every child matters. They are encouraged to take pride in their individual progress, enjoying intellectual challenges, taking risks along the way to expand and enrich their learning. This allows them to become independent and resilient learners, well prepared for the 21st century global workplace.
  1. The school aims at creating all-rounders; students who excel in academics but are also involved in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. There are extensive arts and sports opportunities including the Duke of Edinburgh expedition scheme, fencing, life-saving, public speaking, sports, music and drama. The school’s choirs and orchestras organise annual concerts, and there is a musical production every year alternating between the Junior and Senior School age groups, allowing students to experience performing, devising, composing and also the technical supportive roles of theatre and concerts. Our sports teams are becoming increasingly competitive in Pan Cyprian competitions and students are offered a wife variety of sporting experiences. Success in sport helps the students to build their sense of fair play, resilience and determination, plus encouraging a sense of teamwork.
  1. The school aspires to educate the global leaders of the future in an environment that endeavours to challenge and support them, offering different educational and other experiences both in Cyprus and overseas. School trips are often organised locally and abroad, complimenting the curriculum and allowing students to gain fresh cultural insights and remarkable learning experiences that they cherish for years to come; recent visits included ones to New York, Barcelona, Strasbourg, Prague and Greece.


This is a school where every effort is being made to invest in personal relations and in developing a supportive, healthy and harmonious community spirit. In October 2016 international inspectors praised the school for doing so:

“Outstanding cultural awareness pervades the whole of school life in this multinational environment where pupils benefit from being part of a diverse community.

Through interacting in a harmonious, tolerant and open-minded climate, respect is demonstrated for all belief systems and differing cultures.  A strong awareness of Cypriot culture, history and heritage is enhanced by their celebrations of ethnic and cultural diversity in events such as Cyprus day, India Day, and the recognition of Rosh Hashanah, Eid and Christmas.”

ISI October 2016

 The inspectors found a school where children enjoyed learning, were well motivated and were proud to be students.

“Pupils have positive attitudes to learning throughout the whole school and show enthusiasm for their work. Junior School pupils concentrate well and co-operate effectively with one another. Senior School pupils demonstrate high levels of motivation and organisation, especially in the sixth form. When given the opportunity to do so, pupils enjoy working independently and respond well when asked to use their own initiative. They are proud of their school and want to achieve highly for themselves but also for their teachers.”

ISI October 2016.

 In 2019 the school was once again inspected by ISI and was found to be compliant in all standards required to be a British Overseas school.

 Applications to the Junior department take place throughout the year while the Senior department will be holding their Entrance Exam for Year 7 entry on Thursday 26th March at 3.00pm at the school in Latsia and for Year 8 and above, the Entrance Exam will be held on Thursday 19th March at 3.00pm. Applications are already being accepting by completing the application form online or contacting Mrs. Kasapi directly on 22664855. The deadline for applications to the Senior School is Tuesday 17th March for Years 8-11 and Tuesday 24th March for Year 7.

This year Academic Scholarships are on offer to high achieving children; for more details, please contact the school on 22660156.

 Or visit the school’s Website at:

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