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Walking tour “The future of Mining Heritage in Cyprus” at South Mathiatis Mine-Strongylos

In the framework of the European Heritage Days, a joint initiative of the Council of Europe and the European Commission since 1999, Historical & Environmental Protection Group of Mathiatis under the auspices of the Department of Town Planning and Housing present the walking tour:at the village of Mathiatis, Nicosia District.
Strongylos mine has been a Candidate UNESCO Monument in the mixed Category of Natural and Cultural Landscape since 2002. It is the only mine that holds such title, and it is the second monument in Cyprus in this category. Its importance is highlighted by the fact that the whole area is an archaeological site where ancient exploitation took place since the 7th century B.C., and still bears important information waiting to be discovered and studied.
The mine has been characterised as “…an excellent example of a Cyprus type volcanogenic massive sulphide deposit where the upper oxidised part has not been destroyed.”. A visitor can witness from close the various “ochres” of the gossan zone, where ancient galleries and adits are preserved in the walls of the open pit.
Apart from the above, South Mathiatis Mine is an important monument for the local history: in the 20th century a lot of people from the village of Mathiatis and the surrounding areas worked at the mine. The natural (geology, flora, fauna) and the cultural (archaeological and recent evidence of exploitation) character of the site, creates a valuable opportunity for a sustainable plan for the protection of the Mining Heritage of Cyprus.
The walking tour will take place at the site of the mine. At the end, there will be a small hike at the top of Strongylos mountain, where visitors can enjoy the surrounding view (Mesaoria plain, Pentadaktylos mountains, Machairas mountains, Bay of Larnaca).
Animator: Thea Christoforou
Organized by Historical & Environmental Protection Group of Mathiatis (HEP Initiative)
When Sunday, November 14 from 10.30am till 12:30pm
Where Mine ‘Strongylos’
Registration is mandatory. To register please follow the link

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