If you want to discover the year round real flavor of Cyprus beauty in the Mediterannean sea, come to Pitsilia area in Troodos mountain range, in the picturesque village of Potamitissa. The village stands at a height of 820 meters above sea level, among pine-clad rocky mountain peaks near to the highest point of Mount Olympus that reaches 1950 meters.
The refreshing alpine atmosphere exudes an invigorating and calming feeling. Village history dates Potamitissa back to the middle ages. The inhabitants of the village of Rogia established it, when the Saracen pirates destroyed that village prior to the start of the Ottoman era in 1570. The village church build in Byzantine style, is dedicated to Holy Virgin, gazing regally over the steep riverbanks.
On the left banks of Ambelikos River, that divides the village, there is spectacular scenery of abundant vegetation, vines, apple and peach trees, olive, walnut and almond trees, and a profusion of wild violets supported by the unique enviable Mediterranean climate. It is a perfect location from where to explore the beautiful green heart of Cyprus. Every year in May the nearby village ‘Agros’ organize the “Rose Festival”, that attracts thousands of visitors having the chance to see the unique products made from roses, collect them and learn the process of how rose water is made and packed, or sample the taste of the famous “Rose Liqueur” or “Rose Brandy”. Wine Route no. 4 passes through the village in order to admire the vineyards that grow several local wine varieties.

Activities and Places of Interest
Visit the church of the Holy Mary in the village and the chapel of Panagia Chrysomyrousa just outside the village. Follow Wine Route no. 4 Pitsilia valley. Go to Tsiakkas Winery in Pelentri village and to ‘ Kyperounta Winery’ in the village of Kyperounta. Hike in the areas many nature trails.

Coffee Shop, Tavern in Ambelikos Agrohotel.

Larnaca airport – 108 km
Pafos airport – 77.8 km


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