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Politiko – Tamassos

Politiko village is the continuation of the historical Tamassos village. Politiko or Tamassos it is mentioned in historical archives as the home town of the bishop of Tamassos until 1220. The bishopric of Tamassos was repealed during the Frankish Period. The first bishop of Tamassos was Agios Herakleidios who was ordained by Apostoles Varnavas and Pavlos.

Tamassos was known since the ancient times. It is mentioned by the historians because of its bronze. Archaeological researchers revealed that the area was first inhabited in 3800 BC and it was a wealthy kingdom.

In the area archaeologists also discovered 3 royal tombs which are dated back to 650-600 BC.
They also discovered a necropolis dated back to the Hellenistic and Roman times.

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