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Natural trails of Cyprus. Part I. Livadi

This circular path is located on the main road Karvouna – Troodos in the Troodos National Forest Park, the area of ​​the NATURA 2000 network 9 km away from Karvounas in the picnic area “Kampos of Livadi”.

The starting point is located about 300 meters on the narrow asphalt road. Its length is 1.5 km thus is takes no more than 20-30 minutes to do this part of the trail. It is also accessible for the people with limited abilities/wheelchairs.

Taking this path, you will be going through the “Black forest of Cyprus” – the century-old black pine trees and juniper bushes, and the Chromium river. At some point you can take a break to properly enjoy the breathtaking views of Soleas valley.

To complete the trail, turn back at the viewpoint and follow the same route for about 100 metres, then take the route on the right, as indicated by the sign. Tree loggings have not taken place in these forests since 1972, since the principal management objective for this forest area is the conservation of biodiversity, water resources and the landscape. ‘Kampos tou Livadiou’ picnic site has drinking water. The Troodos Visitor Centre, which holds information on the Troodos mountain range, its flora and its fauna, is located In Troodos Square.

Flora: While hiking you can study the endemic plants: Troodos viper­grass (Scorzonera troodea), Troodos spurge (Euphorbia cassia subsp. rigoi), golden oak (Quercus alnifolia), and the indigenous barberry (Berberis cretica), white beam (Sorbus aria ssp.cretica) and bracken (Pteridium aquilinum).

GPS coordinates of the starting point: Lat: 34.938829 Lon: 32.889990
GPS coordinates of the ending point: Lat: 34.938829 Lon: 32.889990
Altitude of the starting point: 1,711m
Altitude of the highest peak: 1,711m
Altitude of the end peak: 1,711m
Starting point: On the narrow asphalted road that leads to Kampos tou Livadiou picnic site.
Length: 1.5km
Estimated duration: 30 minutes
Difficulty rate: 1 (wheelchair accessible)


Text: Phileleftheros, CTO


Photo: Demetris Vetsikas 

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