Joanna Kasoulidou

Summer in Limassol, her grandmother’s garden and the restaurant that brightened up her day. The PR Director of pr:partners shares her list of favourite things.

By Diana Aza

How do you take your coffee in the morning?

Usually on the go so that I can be at work on time … Or on weekends, in the company of my favourite people.

Which is your favourite garden in the town you live in? My grandmother’s garden. In Limassol – the town I would like to live in.

Where would you find the best kebab in town?

Without doubt at the little tavern of ETHA Engomi.

Your favourite restaurant on the block?

The arrival of the restaurant at Leventis Gallery is the best thing that could have happened. It is very convenient for business lunch with clients and associates. Chef Petros Papavasiliou boldly combines his knowledge and experience in dishes inspired by the collections of the Gallery, and his creations awaken the senses.

Which dish is particularly special?

The cockerel ragout.  A superb pastistada (pasta dish) which takes its inspiration from recipes from Chios. I adore it and would recommend it unreservedly!

The most enjoyable dessert?

One of my favourites is Petros Papavasiliou’s mastic mille feuilleagain at the Gallery which is a mini spectacle with figurines and flowers  made of sugar paste and with fantastic edges of coloured sugar.

Which is your favourite cuisine and where would you enjoy it in Cyprus?

My favourite food is pizza! And my favourite place to enjoy it is in Italy. My second choice is on the sofa at home, with my husband, enjoying a good movie.

The best all time hang out?

I think that we don’t have a hang out in Cyprus is timeless…But the first answer that comes to mind is Café Concerto on St.Molton street in London. A favourite café.

Where would you get the best cocktail?

My favourite cocktail are ‘Your way’ at the Drunk Sinatra bar in Athens and the ‘Hugo’ at Silver Star in Nicosia.  

Which part of the island holds your most beautiful memories?

The beaches of Limassol where I spent my summer holidays as a child.

INFO: ETHA Engomis, Gregori Afxentiou 52, Engomi. Leventis Gallery, Anastasiou G Leventis 5, Nicosia. Silver Star, Sofouli 44, Nicosia. Drunk Sinatra, Thisseos 16, Athens. Café Concerto, 94 Kensington High St, Kensington, London.

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