Culture & PeopleAgia Napa Medieval Festival on October 8-15

Agia Napa Medieval Festival on October 8-15

The Medieval Festival was first celebrated in Ayia Napa in 2006. It has since become an annual festival and is celebrated with a series of events and activities aiming to explore and learn more about the medieval ages. Its start was a bold step in the cultural life of Ayia Napa and few people believed then that the Festival would become so successful.

However, with the love, care and tireless efforts of the Cultural Department of the Municipality, under the guidance of Mrs. Maria Tofini Tsantila who has worked without sparing time and effort, today, after 16 years of success, the festival has gained international prestige, attracting thousands of visitors, and it contributes to the extension of the tourist season of Ayia Napa.

The Ayia Napa Medieval Festival has become internationally well-known and fulfils all the criteria for cooperation with other festivals of its kind. There has been collaboration with other medieval festivals such as the Medieval Festival of Rhodes, Malta-Mendina and Venice Carnival. Its main events take place on Stage in Ayia Napa’s Central Square.

The festival has a duration of 8 days which makes it one of the biggest a continuous events in Cyprus and Europe. The activities of Ayia Napa Medieval Festival are inspired by the Medieval period, representing the everyday life and events of these times, including Street theatre, Theatrical play with the Medieval Monastery as a natural setting, Concerts and dance shows, performed by groups from European countries such as Greece, Russia, Italy, Ukraine, Romania, Slovakia, Germany, Holland, France, Spain Belarus, Czech Republic, Poland and Cyprus.

The event called “The streets of Crusaders” includes schools and a number of teams which participate dressed in medieval costumes. There is a Medieval market with products for sale such as wine (in wooden barrels), medieval dishes, etc. There are exhibitions of collections of weapons, embroidery, weavers, and Medieval workshops such as pottery making, basketry etc. which are set along the outer corridor of the monastery. As every year, the Medieval Festival will once again be great, with the participation of hundreds of artists and thousands of visitors who will enjoy the wonderful shows and events. The people behind the event are the best guarantee that the festival will continue to be one of the most important ornaments for which the Municipality of Ayia Napa can be proud of.

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