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Workshops and Party with Kizomba Star Stefano Marzioni in Paphos on September 3

Stefano Marzioni (aka VersuS) is a professional dancer of Kizomba, Urban-kiz, Hip-hop, Michael Jackson style, Contemporary dance, Reggaeton, Cuban salsa, Salsa L.A. and Bachata. He has created his own style based on the mixing of various dances. He has exhibited his shows and workshops worldwide at many events. His dance videos have become “viral”, taking more of 30.000.000 viewers on his channels.
ABOUT MUSIC: At the age of 5 he started to play the piano, at 13 he was already a composer who worked for various record companies for all types of music from new-age to pop-dance. Since 2005 his music compositions have arrived also in other Countries. In the Kizomba scene, his songs are very popular across the world. You have probably been dancing to them in your local and international events.
You have a unique chance to learn from this fantastic artist. He will be in Cyprus for a short stay and for one night only offering these amazing workshops. Don’t miss the chance to learn from and dance with great artists. The after-party will be epic with lots of high-level dancers, teachers and artists to dance the night away. Keep supporting Cyprus bringing epic international teachers to the schools
20.00 Douceur
21.00 Urban-kiz Tips and Tricks
22.00 Paaarty
1 class 20 euros + free entrance to party
2 classes 30 euros + free entrance to party
Party only 5 euros
When Saturday, September 3 from 8 pm till 1.30 am
Where BeatZ Dance School
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