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Transfer of asphalt factories still not to take place soon

All relevant services are trying hard to implement the decision of the Ministerial Council for the final transfer of the asphalt plants from Geri and Tseri. At the same time, various actions which may contribute toward the safeguarding of public health until the transfer is possible, are being examined.

The issue was today discussed in detail during a teleconference among the assistant Attorney General, the Ministers of Agriculture, Interior, Justice and Labor, the Commissioner of Environment and several other officials.

Agriculture Minister Kadis said the procedure is complicated and it is almost impossible to respect the timeline of eight months raised by the Ministerial Council for the transport of the plants but, as he noted, the delay will not be long.

In the meantime, environmental studies regarding the new points the asphalt plants will moved to are at an advanced point. The main concern of everyone is that the problems are not transferred to some other area.

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