NewsLocal"Subsidised Summer Vacation Program" to boost tourism industry, speed up inoculation process

“Subsidised Summer Vacation Program” to boost tourism industry, speed up inoculation process

A government-provided “Subsidised Summer Vacation Program” aims to give a much-needed ‘injection’ to the Mediterranean island’s tourism industry which is confronted with yet another covid-hit disastrous summer season.

Details of the program, which will run from July 15 till the end of August, were announced on Monday by the Deputy Ministry of Tourism.

It followed the approval on Friday of the Council of Ministers who also see it as an incentive in the efforts to speed up the country’s inoculation process.

The plan is similar to the support plan already provided by the Finance Ministry and which provided for the coverage of 35% of the cost of accommodation of beneficiaries in tourist accommodation but with several changes.

To start with it is addressed to citizens who are vaccinated.

Another difference is that the program provides a minimum stay of three nights and not two. Specifically, beneficiaries are all permanent residents of the island, who:

. They have been vaccinated with at least one dose

. They have recovered from the virus up to 180 days before staying in the accommodation.

Moreover, for all the above, the beneficiaries must provide, in electronic or printed form, the relevant receipts upon arrival at the accommodation of their choice.


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