NewsLocalDoctors at state hospitals' emergency departments on three-hour strike on Tuesday

Doctors at state hospitals’ emergency departments on three-hour strike on Tuesday

Doctors at emergency departments of public hospitals throughout Cyprus will stop work from 9am to 12pm on Tuesday claiming these are understaffed. And that they have to work at times up to 18 hours a day.

Nonetheless, the State Health Services Organization rejects the claims and indicates there is no understaffing in emergency departments. The problem, the organisation said in a statement, is mainly because doctors seem to all take summer vacation at the same time.

However, the state doctors countered that the time has come “for responsibilities to be assigned where they belong.”

The state doctors’ work stoppage at emergency departments was something head of their union Sotiris Koumas has warned about last week when he was addressing MPs.

“The problem is everywhere but especially in the departments of Limassol and Paphos…there the problem  is much more intense and a result of the administrative inadequacy, inaction and indifference of the State Health Services Organization,” he said.

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