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Spokesman: Cyprus preparing for possible no-deal Brexit

The Republic of Cyprus is preparing for a possible no-deal exit of the United Kingdom from the EU, government spokesman Prodromos Prodromou said on Monday.

He said that that legislation was being drafted  to ensure the continuation of the same regime for people living and working in sovereign British Base areas as applies now.

Prodromou said  a hard Brexit posed a big challenge for all EU member states and the EU.

The United Kingdom leaving the EU without an agreement was undesirable, but like other EU member states Cyprus has already been preparing for such an eventuality for some time, he added.

“Ministries have been instructed to identify all the issues that will arise should there not be a final agreement. The Foreign Ministry has a general  strategic plan and of  course all the measures that will mitigate the consequences will be taken,” he said.

As  no deal Brexit will inevitably have consequences, “the government is preparing legislative texts in case they are needed and the ministries and other services are ready for various issues such as trade, the movement of people and services,” he concluded.

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