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Observatory of Violence in the School’s study to be concluded in 2022-2023 school year

The Observatory of Violence in the School’s thorough study on the alarming  phenomenon is now in its second phase and is expected to be concluded within the 2022-2023 school year.

The Observatory was established by the Ministry of Education and Culture in 2009 and its aim is to record and analyze data on the types of violence that can be encountered in the school area. And the extent to which it can take an incident of violence.

The Observatory’s data helps towards the better implementation of the National Strategy for Prevention and Combating of violence in Schools.

The National Strategy is based on six important actions. These are:

—Development of systems for collecting valid scientific data on violence in school to map the situation, identify needs and evaluate the effectiveness of the interventions/programs.

—Legal and administrative measures to prevent and manage violence at school, concerning the protection of students from all forms of violence at school

—Legal measures to access to rehabilitation and support services

—Educational methods and programs to strengthen the well-being, healthy development and attitudes of students in cases of violence

—Strengthening the multidisciplinary model of services (services such as, social welfare, health, education, psychological support and guidance of children and their parents / guardians).

—Promoting active participation of children in the development and implementation of policies / procedures / measures / actions / programs, etc., effective in reducing violence at school.

—Empowering Parents / Guardians, Teachers, Steering Group, by school and other institutions with the aim of raising awareness and developing their skills for prevention of violence in schools.

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