NewsLocalNo 'ceiling' on Gesy-provided physiotherapy sessions to those in need

No ‘ceiling’ on Gesy-provided physiotherapy sessions to those in need

New general health scheme (Gesy) agreed regulations also provide an increased number of physiotherapy sessions to people with brain damage and not only, Philenews reported on Friday.

This is what senior Health Insurance Organisation (HIO) officer Monica Kyriacou has said, adding: “The numbers set by the Organisation do not constitute a “ceiling”.

“In other words, if a person needs more treatments per year, the HIO will not deprive him/her of them when these are justified and properly documented.”

Health professionals know very well there is a procedure in progress for years on this sensitive issue, she also said.

And this applies not only to physiotherapy or only to people with cerebral palsy, but it is a practice followed in all cases of services offered by Gesy health professionals.

Whether it is speech therapy or nursing services or whatever, she also said.

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