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National Guard moving quickly to sack serial killer

Convicted serial killer Nicos Metaxas will be sacked from the National Guard  with summary procedures after he was handed down seven life sentences for the murder of five women and two children, Phileleftheros reported on Wednesday.

Meanwhile a criminal inquiry continues into how police investigated the initial report of the disappearance of the victims, it added.

Defence Minister Savvas Angelides told Phileleftheros that under Cyprus’ military criminal code, following the court decision, the National Guard will immediately proceed with the sacking of Metaxas.

The 35 year old held the rank of captain in the National Guard.

Phileleftheros said that the process for any military officer sentenced to jail for more than five years is straightforward – there is no requirement for disciplinary procedures and a hearing,  but instead the convicted officer is automatically fired.

Phileleftheros noted that the army had stopped paying Metaxas’ salary after his arrest.

Metaxas was sentenced to seven life terms after he pleaded guilty to the seven killings. Five of the sentences are consecutive and two are concurrent.

Meanwhile criminal investigators are probing how the police handled the cases of people reported missing. Statements have been taken from police officers and members of the public as well as friends and family of the victims.

The inquiry seeks to establish what actions police took when the victims were reported as missing.

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