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Mystery over stench of burnt manure around Nicosia



The source of a stench affecting parts of Nicosia in the past few days remains unknown,  the Environment Service of the Agriculture Ministry said on Monday.

Residents of many Nicosia areas have been complaining over the past couple of days of a strong bad smell in the air, like burnt out manure, particularly in the afternoons and evenings.

The Green Party over the weekend suggested that possible source of the bad smell might be large pig farms outside the capital and a waste processing unit at the Ovgos dry river area, near the Nicosia airport buffer zone.

However, in a written statement, the Environment Service said that neither the source of the stench has been determined, nor whether it was due to urban waste or livestock.

The issue is being investigated in cooperation with the UN as regards the buffer zone area as well as the Nicosia Sewerage Board, it added.

The public will be informed if the source of the smell is found. Other required information pertaining to protection of the environment and public health will also be provided, the Environment Service concluded.

Earlier on Monday, the Nicosia Sewerage Board said that the bad odour was not linked to the operation of the sewerage system.

Stench of burnt manure around Nicosia





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