NewsLocalLimassol acquires second beach ramp for disabled

Limassol acquires second beach ramp for disabled


Limassol now has a second special ramp to enable people with disabilities to enter the sea. 

Speaking at a short ceremony on Monday, Limassol mayor Nicos Nicolaides said that access to the sea should be enjoyed by all.  

The access ramp has been installed at Olympion Beach, opposite Debenhams Olympia, as part of the town’s participation in the European programme CIVITAS DESTINATIONS which also includes upgrading pedestrian crossings with the addition of a special mechanism for use by the blind.

Limassol Municipality has also upgraded the first access ramp and placed a special corridor towards the sea for use by wheel chairs.  The municipality has also acquired two floating wheel chairs with a third to be delivered soon. Their use is monitored by life guards who are about 50 metres away the special ramps.

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