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If experiencing covid symptoms stay away from GPs offices

Adults and children with coronavirus symptoms should stay away from offices of general practitioners and of paediatricians, the Health Ministry announced on Friday.

Instead, they should get instructions on the phone if they have high fever, coughing, feel run down and cannot smell or taste anything.

At the same time, the Ministry also called on GPs and paediatricians to answer their phones all the time and provide all possible support to alarmed callers.

“The risk is extremely high when people with symptoms visit our clinics,” said GP in the General Health System Joseph Kassios.

“When a patient comes and does not have the flu but the coronavirus, which is nonetheless going to take a few days to be diagnosed, then there is a risk of transmitting the virus to the doctor,” he added.

The doctor, who may check another 300 patients until the diagnosis is made, is possible to transmit the coronavirus to all others.

At the same time, he also said, this also means that at least 300 people will be considered close contacts and so on.

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