NewsLocalFour transmission chains totalling 56 covid cases in Larnaca so far

Four transmission chains totalling 56 covid cases in Larnaca so far

Larnaca has presented itself to be quite the source of COVID-19 outbreaks during the past few days. It became particularly alarming to the Ministry of Health after the Nea Salamina outbreak, with 19 cases total so far, came about.

A total of four transmission chains have been developed in Larnaca in recent weeks with a total of 56 coronavirus cases detected in the district up to now.

The first and largest chain is made up of 24 incidents and includes people who tested positive to the virus in the Kiti Bishopric.

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The second chain concerns footballers and executives of Nea Salamina – 19 in total.

The third chain concerns Golden Bay Hotel with 9 COVID-19 patients, while the fourth chain originated at Ocean Basket restaurant with 4 people testing positive to the virus.

What particularly worries the Ministry of Health is the fact that the new cases that were detected in the Nea Salamina chain should have been under quarantine and self-isolating, not visiting a private lab for further testing on their own initiative.

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For this reason, the Ministry is appealing to those who may have come in contact with them to inform the Epidemiological Unit to arrange for testing if deemed necessary.

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