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Family of G/C inmate who died in prison concerned about the course of investigations

The family of a 36-year-old Greek Cypriot who died in Central Prison on 8/11/2022 are seriously concerned about the course of police investigations into the conditions of his death.

This emerges from official letters that have been sent by the family to all services involved and relevant bodies of the Republic.

Doubts derived from recent developments in Central Prison and the conflict of institutions that emerged.

As known, in the indictment for the murder of T/C Tansu Cidan, the Police included felonies of possession, supply, and use of drugs by inmates. Due to this development, the Legal Service issued an announcement that caused the reaction of the Prison’s administration.

In a letter to the Attorney General, the deceased’s relatives through their lawyer expressed their concern due to what has been released about adversity between the Police and the Prison administration and the fact that there is no cooperation between them because of this situation.

It is noted that the investigation of the case has not proceeded and that so far the family of the deceased has not been informed about the Police’s actions.

The relatives also explained their doubts about the loss of their man, noting that the private coroner they had hired and who was present at the post-mortem decided that “there was doubt about whether any efforts to resuscitate the deceased had taken place.”

They also said that as far as they knew “the Police had not received any footage from the cameras nor any testimonies have been taken.”

Finally, the lawyer noted that the family believes the 36-year-old’s death needs to be investigated since he had not expressed any fears regarding threats about his life or an intention to kill himself in any of his contacts or visits by his relatives.

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