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DISY in the constellation of Annita Demetriou

The era of Annita Demetriou is now a fact in Pindarou Street. The change in terms of persons was a foregone conclusion since Averof Neophytou decided he would not seek re-election and the succession battle involved two young members of the right-wing party.

The clear victory of Annita Demetriou was not a surprise since the young politician and Speaker of the Parliament was and is currently the most popular person in the DISY camp.

From the moment she submitted her candidacy for the party’s presidency, the terms of the game changed.

In Annita, the DISY people see renewal, but at the same time, everyday people see in her the profile of a politician who is one of them so they treat her sympathetically. She does not come from a political family, is not part of the social and economic elite, and has not been politically corrupted.

This is a typical “model” of politics that dominated in the recent presidential elections, with the Nicos Christodoulides phenomenon. Is Annita Demetriou another version of the current President of the Republic and DISY’s antidote to the popularity of Nikos Christodoulides? For many, she is.

But until we get there, the new president of DISY has a very long and rough road to travel and many battles to win. But it is also a personal test for her to prove that she can handle difficult tests, manage difficult situations, formulate policies together with the rest of the leadership, and prove her leadership skills if she wants the new challenge in her political career to have continuity for her and for her party.

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