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Coronavirus: Animal Party slams ‘hire a dog’ ploy

The Animal Party has condemned ads offering to rent a dog at a fee to those looking for an excuse to leave the house under tough new measures in force since 6 pm yesterday prohibiting all but the most essential movement

In an announcement,  the party said that some people were attempting to exploit others by offering dogs for walks at a fee.

“This is illegal both for the person trying to exploit the situation as well as the person who may hire a dog. Animal Party Cyprus feels the need to condemn anyone who tries to exploit the current situation in our country,” it said.

And it called on the police chief to instruct officers to also check ownership of the dog and to book and prosecute those breaking the law.

“We would like to believe that the posts that have come to our attention are intended only to mock, but any confusion or encouragement in this direction should be avoided,” it concluded.

Taking one’s dog for a walk is one of the exceptions allowed for people to leave the house for a while, provided they stay in the neighbourhood and secure permission and/or complete the relevant document.

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