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Convict takes own life in Nicosia prison

A convict took his own life on Tuesday morning following a break up with his partner of 10 years,  Nicosia Central Prisons said.

Reports said the deceased is a 28 year old Romanian serving time for burglaries who had been found unconscious in his cell.

In a written announcement, the prisons said that a foreign convict had taken his own life at around 9 am.

“The reasons that led him to this action was his disappointment from the recent break-up with his partner, with whom he had been in a relationship for 10 years and who suddenly stopped all contact with him without giving any explanation and who did not respond after despite numerous efforts he made to talk to her yesterday and about which the department was not aware,” it said.

It said that as soon as the man was found, first aid aid was administered and the man rushed by ambulance to Nicosia General Hospital. Doctors there pronounced him dead.

The prisons immediately informed his family and police which ruled out foul play.

The prisons expressed their condolences and support to his family.


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