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Attention: Suspicious phone calls from unknown callers with foreign numbers may be ruse for defrauding callees

Police cautions the public, to protect themselves from fraudulent telephone calls from foreign countries possibly aimed at defrauding citizens who receive the telephone calls.

According to Police, and based on some complaints they’ve received lately, citizens have been getting unanswered phone calls from unknown telephone numbers from foreign countries.

The purpose of similar phone calls made in the past, as was found, were a ruse to force people who received the calls to call back the suspicious phone numbers resulting in their telephone bills being overcharged and the perpetrators defrauding the callees through taking money from said telephone charges.

Going on that it is not a stretch to assume that telephone calls from unknown numbers from abroad made during this period, may be malicious and made with the intend to steal money.

Police recommends special attention to members of the public who receive such phone calls.

In case citizens have already called back those telephone numbers following a missed call they may have received, they are encouraged to contact their telephone provider, to check charges on their telephone bill and where a money withdrawal is found, to immediately make a complaint to their local Police Station.

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