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All you need to know about summer schools

The program of summer schools, for elementary and kindergarten students, will operate for another year offering the opportunity to children to learn and be creatively engaged.

This year the schools will operate from 20 June until 22 July, there will be 54 schools in total, including 36 elementary schools and 18 kindergartens, which will cover needs in all five districts. The schools will be open from 07.45 until 13.05 or 16.00 for children who will opt to stay longer.

Children that during the current year were in the A-E classes of elementary schools are eligible to participate. Regarding kindergartens, children born between 01/09/2015 and 31/12/2016 may apply.

Children may bring food from home or buy from the school. For children choosing to stay at school after 13.05, lunch will be offered and parents have to pay for it. Children are not allowed to bring lunch from home.

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