NewsGreece coronavirus victims rise to 29

Greece coronavirus victims rise to 29

Edited by Constandinos Tsindas

The coronavirus toll in Greece rose to 29 today, following the death of a 70 year old man at a hospital in Kastoria, in the northern part of the country. Many have tested positive in the town with its well-known connections to the fur industry in Italy.

The man had a serious underlying medical condition that worsened his situation. He succumbed at dawn. He is the fourth individual from Kastoria to have died from Covid-19. More than 20 people from the area have been transferred to a Thessaloniki hospital.

The local state hospital is overwhelmed and warned central authorities that it’s close to breaking point. Local officials called on Athens to send more equipment, mainly protective gear for doctors and nursing staff.

Confirmed coronavirus cases in Greece have reached 966, mostly men, with an average age of 67. More than 50 people are in critical condition.


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