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Greece-Cyprus ferry connection: Tender with uncertain interest

The preparations for a new tender regarding the Greece-Cyprus ferry connection are at their last stage. Relevant sources in Greece explained that the initial plan to have the competition at the end of October has been slightly extended for the first half of November.

There have been some changes to the relevant document, which have received the green light of the European Commission. The connection will not be seasonal instead of regular, the development of trade activity is not a prerequisite, while the port of arrival in Greece has also changed.

Cyprus’s Shipping Minister Vasilis Demetriades, who is largely in charge of the relevant procedures, is optimistic despite the difficulties.

Besides the encouragement of Cyprus-Greece sea connection is among the main priorities of the new Cyprus strategy on shipping, the program “Sea Change 2030.”

However, representatives of shipping companies have expressed certain doubts about the viability of such a project.

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