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The oldest trees in Cyprus, more than 1,500 years old

There are 98 old trees protected by the Department of Forest.

The Apesia Terebinth Tree
It has been recently reported as the oldest tree in Cyprus. It is located at the village of Apesia (Limassol District) and it more than 1,500 years old.
The locals call the tree “Tremithi” and it is under the protection of the Department of Forest.

Giant Oak Tree
This giant Oak Tree is more than 800 years old and it is located at the village of Lania (Limassol District). Near the old tree there is sign stating “Giant Oak” making it is easy to recognise.

“Plane Tree” at Kato Drys
At the entrance of Kato Drys village (Larnaka District), there is an old Plane Tree, planted there in 1907 by a local. Visitors can relax here, as there is a restaurant serving coffee, drinks and cyprus food.

Pernia Tree at Kalopanagiotis

“Pernia” tree is located just right the chapel of Panagia Theoskepastis. It is more than 700 years old and 17 meters tall. The legend says that during a Turkish invasion at the Marathasa Valley the locals found shelter at the church and the old tree lowered itself to hide them.

Laurel Tree at Omodos
Omodos is one of the most tourist villages in Cyprus. Among its many attractions, visitors can admire the old Laurer Tree (Dafni) which is more than 1000 years. At this area there used to be a temple dedicated to the god Apollonas. Today next to the old tree there is a chapel of Apostle Philippos.

Olive Tree at Anglisides
This village is just outside Larnaka city and it is considered to be very special because of the oldest cypriot olive tree standing outside the centre for more than 800 years. This magnificent tree still continues to bear fruit every year and it is maintained by the Department of Forest. Right next to it there is an Olive Meseum.

Tremithos at Polis Chrysochous
This Tremithos (Pistacia Atlantica) has the largest perimeter in Cyprus. It is 1.100 years old and reaches at 8 metres height. Other protected Tremithos trees are found in the villages of Simos, Kritos Marottou and Limnati, while some protected tree clusters are located at the villages of Emba and Kiti.

Oak Tree at Fyti
This is the largest oak tree in Cyprus. It is 800 years old and located at the beautiful village of Fyti (Paphos District). Ιt has a height of 20 meters.

Agia Mavri Oak
This old oak is located on the road between the villages of Pera Pedi and Koilani. It has a height of 36 meters and it is more than 800 years old. Right next to the tree there is the chapel of Agia Mavri.

Xyliatos Old Olive Tree

Particularly impressive is the 800 year old olive tree which stands at the location “Potima” and which is considered to be the oldest olive tree in Cyprus, and at the same time the tree with the longest diameter, having a periphery of 13 metres and a height of 6 metres. What is noteworthy is the fact that after many efforts of the Xyliatos Community Council, the age-long olive tree was placed under the protection and is maintained by the Department of Forests. In particular, the Department of Forests has issued a decree underlining the importance of trees such as the one in Xyliatos, and writes among others that these are “scientifically, historically, culturally and educationally important and that they constitute significant samples of their kinds, either because of their age or their exceptional size”.


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