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Cyprus Flora: A tribute to spring

This time of the year Cyprus is more beautiful than ever. Especially, this year because of the recent rains Cyprus land has gone green and flowers of different colors and shapes are growing everywhere.

The wildlife of Cyprus includes its flora and fauna and their natural habitats. Cyprus has a rich flora and a diverse fauna albeit with relatively few mammals. Like most modern countries, the natural habitats in Cyprus have been steadily disappearing, currently retaining only 20% of its original habitat due to rapid urbanization, usage of forests for commercial purposes, tourism and various other reasons. One of the unique features of Cyprus’ habitats is the wild and sharp differences in elevations and habitats in different parts of the island as well as different climate conditions, all of which supply a diverse habitat for a unique array of fauna and flora.

We have collected photos of some of the most common flowers that someone can find in the fields during this time of the year. Can you smell them?

Photos by Praxia Aresti and Kostas Papasavva

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