Malia is a village in the Limassol District of Cyprus, located 4 km south of Omodos.

The village is located south of Troodos wine area almost thirty kilometers northwest of the city of Limassol. The village’s name appears to come from the Greek “mallia,” meaning “hair.” Goodwin claims that “mallia” also means “sheep” in ancient Arcadian dialect.

Malia/Bağlarbaşı was a mixed village from the Ottoman period. Currently the village is mainly inhabited by few Greek Cypriot inhabitants

Mallia Winery – Ktima Mallia

Mallia Winery is located in Malia village in Limassol region. It is owned and managed by the KEO Group. It is among the largest of the island’s regional wineries with an annual capacity of around 3 million bottles. The winery was established in 1928. In 1996 it was restored and 50 hectares of new vineyards planted which gave their first wines in 2001. Among their wide range of grapes Riesling is particularly interesting being otherwise unusual in Cyprus.

The mosque in the village of Malia

This building dates to period: ca 1920 ,today it is not in use. Walls joined to boys’ school. Single room interior divided into three bays by rectangular pillars. Ceiling peaks under two pitched roof, lined in wood boards. i-beams support roof and link pillars transversely through space. First bay over doorway, covered with interior balcony supported on two flanking pillars. Balcony above separated 2/3 into harem (with lattice wood shutters) and 1/3 selamlik platform. Women’s side decorated with wood board pointed arches overlooking the main space. Three bays at lower level of platform also decorated with wood lattice pointed arches. All woodwork on the interior is painted in white and green stripes. Mihrab extruded from wall in simple grauful arc. Minaret accessible, concrete steps, stone exterior. Two pitched concrete porch on exterior.

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