Kannavia is one of the most beautiful villages of the Nicosia district. It is located on the northern slopes of the Troodos mountain range, in the Elia valley and more specifically at a distance of 52 km southwest of the capital city.

While strolling around the village, one encounters houses of modern and traditional architecture, country residences, as well as a campsite, whereas they are also given the opportunity to admire images dominated by the green colour of the forest.

Historical background

The village appears to have existed ever since the Frankish occupation. In fact, it is mentioned by Mas Latrie as a royal estate. Additionally, the village is marked on old maps under the naming Canania.


The name of the village is linked to a plant called “kannavin” which, according to the Great Cyprus Encyclopaedia, used to be cultivated quite extensively in the village. What is also noteworthy is that in Greek-Cypriot dialect the village is called “Kannavkia”.

Courtesy of Community Council of Kannavia

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