The Community of Ergates is the 13th largest community in the Nicosia District, having about 1,600 inhabitants and located only 17 kilometres south-wet of Nicosia, in the geographic region of Mesaoria. The village is built on the west bank of the river Pediaios (or Pidias), at an average altitude of 340 meters. The landscape of its territory is fragmented by the watercourse network f the Pediaios river.

The average annual rainfall in the community ranges around 360 millimetres; cereals, vegetables, forage plants, a few olive trees, and some fruit-trees, such as apricot and fig trees, are cultivated in the region. The irrigated areas are located between the main road Ergates — Anageia, Ergates — Episkopeio and the river Pediaios. A small-scale irrigation plan was applied in the region, utilising the water of the river as well as local drillings.

The community’s linkage to the outside world via road is quite good. In the north it connects with the community of Anageia (2,5 km) and through it to the city of Nicosia. In the south it connects to the community of Episkopeio (1,5 km) and in the east with the community of Psimolofou (1 km). In the west it connects to the Industrial Zone and -through it -to the interurban Nicosia — Palaichori road.

The community has developed important activity in the social and financial sector and has become a model-community for the surrounding region.

There are two churches in our community, dedicated to St Paraskevi and to Apostle Thomas.

Courtesy of the Community Council of Ergates

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