Discover'The Divinity of Oneness' documentary screening & awareness event

‘The Divinity of Oneness’ documentary screening & awareness event

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After the successful Pancyprian premiere of the documentary ‘The Divinity of Oneness’ at the 17th Limassol International Documentary Festival on August 4, 2022, the documentary premieres in the capital as well.

The Center for Social Innovation (CSI) and the Research and Education in Social Empowerment and Transformation (RESET) cordially invite you to the premiere screening of the documentary ‘The Divinity of Oneness’ at the Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation.

Thursday, Μarch 30, 2023
Awareness Event – 17:00
Screening – 20:30
Networking & Drinks – 21:30

The premiere will be preceded by an awareness event on the protection of our places of worship, with a capacity-building workshop, interactive activities and open discussion.

About the documentary:

‘The Divinity of Oneness’ is a searing exposé of the stories shared by victims of religious hate crimes in Germany, Greece, Portugal, and Cyprus. It provides answers on critical issues about the escalating destruction of sacred sites and places of worship, the rise in hate of ‘the other’, and what is required to establish a society of interreligious respect and acceptance. Using a multi-angle approach, ranging from theological, intellectual, spiritual, social and political perspectives, the documentary triggers a journey of self-reflection, critical thought, and open-heartedness.

A documentary by CSI and RESET, with the contribution of Lusofona University, CEMES and Klausenhof Academy, produced in collaboration with Filmhouse Pictures, in the context of the European project PROSECUW, that aims to enhance protection at places of worship in European countries, by setting up cooperation between public authorities, religious leaders, civil society actors, and the local communities, by developing their capacity to counteract radicalisation and hate-speech, in an effort to promote inter-religious respect and diversity.

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